Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System allows for optimization of parking spaces within the facility and helps increase the structure’s overall revenue, as drivers are able to quickly locate each and every available parking space.

More details

Parking Guidance System allows Individual space detection through the use of ultrasonic sensors and LED indicator lights located in each parking bay. The ultrasonic sensors update directional Way Finding Signs located inside and outside the parking structure, informing drivers of real-time availability.


Benefits of Parking Guidance System:

1. Saves time and energy to both the client and the management
2. It leads the driver/customer directly and quickly to the first available space
3. Reduced congestion in the parking facilities
4. Reduced pollution as cars circulate for shorter time
5. Potentially stress fullsituation are minimized
6. Helps to plan for rush hours
7. Decreases the management cost

PGS Components:

-     ULTRASONIC Sensor to detect Parked cars

-     LED indicator light to display availability of  Parking space

-     LED Display Screen Indoor & Outdoor 

        •              Three digits parking number
        •              Direction for Parking (Arrow)

-     Control Unit Functions as a processor ( Sends signal to PC, LED Screen & Led indicator)

-     Software Simulation




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