Steel Fire Rated Doors

Single and Double Leaf Steel Fire Rated doors.

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Fire Door Definition

A Fire Door is the common abbreviation for a Fire-Resistant- Doorset. A Fire Resistant Doorset consists of a door leaf, door frame, packing and fixing to wall, fire resistant wall, associated hardware such as closers, handles, locks, vision panels and air grilles. A Fire Resistant Doorset must be self-closing and self-latching. The fire test information and the correct installation are also key elements of a compliant Fire Resistant Doorset installation. A Fire Resistant Doorset is defined under Australian Standard AS1905.1. Fire Resistant Doorsets are also categorised as hinged, pivoted (double action) and sliding.

Normal Steel Fire Rated Doors

Fire door is to point to in a certain period of time that can meet the requirements of insulating refractory stability, integrity, and stays the door.It is located in between the fire zone, evacuation stair, vertical shaft with a range of fire resistance of fireproof dividers.
Fire doors, besides have the function of the ordinary door has to stop the spread of fire spread and smoke, can be in a certain period of time to prevent the spread of the fire, to ensure that the evacuation.

Technical Specifications.

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