High Speed AutoRoll PVC Shutters

Rapid High Speed PVC Auto-Roll doors can provide highly efficient solution to your opening. They may also be referred as Rapid Roll Up Doors, Fast Industrial Doors or Fast Doors, are commonly used to control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, or workshop. 

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High Speed Access

We offer a comprehensive range of high speed roller and high speed insulated doors for internal and external installations. High speed doors are ideal for high traffic areas where controlled access is required.

Save Energy & Reduce Contamination

Air leakage in industrial premises is a costly expense and ensuring you have the correct doors in operation is critical to reduce energy costs. The High speed automatic opening and closing of these rapid roll doors will provide valuable energy saving by maintaining the internal room temperature and also reduce contamination from airborne pollution and ingress of insects and vermin, essential in controlled warehouses and buildings. With a travel speed of up to 3 meters a second with some doors the operation cycle can be completed in a very short time, keeping the inside atmosphere as stable as possible all year round.

Access Control.
Access control can be with remote control, radar sensors, ground loops, push button, key cards, digital code pads, finger readers and other devices to suit your individual needs in the warehouse or factory.




• Custom made to size as per application

• Door speeds upto 1.5m/sec

• Durable reinforced 0.8 - 2.0 mm PVC Panel

• Windbars to resist air pressure (Reinforceable for Windy conditions)

• Aluminium columns

• Brush or PVC seals

• Single phase programmable controller

• Soft start / stop

• Variable speed control

• Safety features, including in-line PE beam, and pressure sensitive bottom rail

• Low maintenance


• Mode of activation:

- Pushbuttons

- Pullcords

- Motion sensors

- Induction floor loops

- Remote control

- Photo eye beams

- Swipe cards and integration


 Color Availiability:

 Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Orange and other colors are available for selection



 Cold Storages, Cleanrooms, Pharmaceutical industries, warehouse, supermarkets


Supermarkets, Warehouses, Carwashes,  Workshops, 


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